One of the most important parts of MAD Academy is our scholarship program. As hospitality professionals ourselves, we are acutely aware that many of those whom our programs will best position to become leaders in the field cannot currently afford our tuition. Our scholarships are intended to ensure that no one who would benefit from a MAD education is turned away for lack of funds.

We award scholarships based on applicants’ perceived financial need and their potential as future changemakers. In 2021 we plan to award 200 scholarships, and hope to increase that number in the future.

Scholarships cover the entire program cost, including tuition, course materials, and meals during school hours. All other costs, including travel, accommodation, and pocket money, remain the student’s responsibility.

To apply for scholarships, go to the schedule under Apply and select the program you wish to attend.

The MAD Academy Scholarship
Supported by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food (Miljø- og Fødevarministeriet) and private donations, these scholarships are available to anyone who is pursuing a career in hospitality anywhere in the world.

The Institute of Culinary Education Scholarship
With campuses in New York City and Los Angeles, the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) is one of the largest and most diverse culinary schools in the world, and offers a range of diploma programs that can be completed in under a year. This scholarship is available to graduates from ICE pursuing a career in the culinary and hospitality fields. It may be applied to any of MAD Academy’s 2021 programs.


We believe that driving positive change in our industry should be a mutual commitment between organizations like ours, business owners, and people working in hospitality. The more support we get from people like you, the more students we can enroll in our programs.

To make a donation of any size, click here. If you or your organization is interested in supporting a named scholarship, please contact us at



By supporting MAD, you empower a global hospitality community to bring new skills, perspective, and passion to their communities and the world. 



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