From our campus in Copenhagen, MAD Academy trains rising leaders. Whether focused on environmentally sustainable practices or on approaches to effective leadership and management, our courses are designed to give hospitality professionals—both employees and owners—the expertise, practical tools, and inspiration they need to generate positive change in their workplaces, their communities, and the world at large.

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Environment & Sustainability | Five-day intensive program
Although many of us are aware that current food systems contribute disproportionately to climate change and other forms of environmental degradation, we don’t always know how to address the problem.

MAD’s Environment & Sustainability program is designed to fill that knowledge gap. Because we believe that even the smallest daily decisions can add up to significant impact, we give our students the information they need to make sustainable choices at every level, and teach them how to identify and execute ecologically-minded improvements in their own workplaces.

Students graduate from this course with a greater understanding of the food system, and with the knowledge, tools and motivation they need to effect real change.

Leadership & Business | Five-day intensive program
This five-day intensive program helps hospitality professionals develop the skills they need to lead their teams effectively and manage their restaurants successfully.

Poor leadership and management cause many businesses to fail and drive many talented hospitality workers from our industry. By better preparing professionals to confront the challenges of managing a team and running a business, we believe we can make our workplaces more viable, equitable, and rewarding, and help shape the next generation of leaders.

Focusing on everything from group dynamics and team development to the foundations of accounting, this program gives students the knowledge and hands-on training they need to navigate common—but often difficult—situations like conflict resolution and financial trouble-shooting. It also helps them better understand their own leadership style and develop both the everyday practices and the longterm vision that a thriving business requires.

We occasionally offer a version of this program where the course is tailored to students with more years of professional experience.


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