The LA Scholars Award presented by Audi

Preparing emerging leaders in hospitality to shape the food systems of the future

Within a world of complex challenges, a new generation of hospitality leaders has the power to create sustainable change and positively impact the future of food.

More than 500 hospitality professionals from over 35 countries have come to MAD Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a five-day intensive program that provides the knowledge, tools, inspiration, and skills they need to pursue innovative solutions and transform the status quo.

The LA Scholars Award presented by Audi will bring six individuals from the Los Angeles hospitality industry to MAD Academy to unlock new opportunities for life-changing learning and collaboration—and spread the positive impact to their communities back home.  

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The final deadline to apply is August 19, 2022. We are no longer taking applications.


Award Details

What is included
Each recipient of the LA Scholars Award presented by Audi will receive full tuition to one of MAD Academy’s five-day programs in 2022: Leadership & Business, or Environment & Sustainability. The Award also provides roundtrip airfare to Copenhagen, six nights’ accommodation, meals, and program materials. In addition, the six LA Scholars will become part of MAD Academy’s global alumni communitya thriving network of driven changemakers and peers within hospitality. 

Who is eligible
The LA Scholars Award presented by Audi is open to anyone in Los Angeles actively working in food service and restaurant hospitality—from line cooks, sommeliers, and servers to bartenders and cafeteria workers. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate a passion, imagination, and drive for positive change, as well as a capacity to follow through on that goal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAD Academy?
MAD Academy (‘mad’ is Danish for ‘food’) is a Copenhagen-based educational institution that equips students from the hospitality community with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to effect positive change in their professional lives and in the world.

How do I apply?
You will be asked to submit:

  • Basic contact information
  • A few lines of employment history
  • A letter of intent explaining why you want to take part in a program

Which programs can I apply for?
The six LA Scholars can choose from MAD Academy’s 2022 programs in Leadership & Business or Environment & Sustainability. Based on their experience, applicants can choose from a core program for anyone with 5-10 years of professional experience, or a version tailored to those with 10+ years of professional experience. Learn more about our programs and students here.

Available program dates run from August 2022. Check the full schedule.

When do applications close, and when will applicants find out if they’ve been selected?
Applications will be evaluated and accepted by the selection committee on a rolling basis. Therefore, we encourage everyone to apply for their desired program and dates as soon as possible.

The final deadline to apply is August 19, 2022. All applicants will be notified by email about the result of their application.

What happens if I am awarded a scholarship but can no longer attend the program dates I was accepted to?
If awarded recipients are unable to join us for practical reasons, a place will be reserved for them in a future program.

I don’t work in Los Angeles hospitality, can I apply?
No. However, MAD Academy’s regular enrollment and scholarships are open to anyone actively working in hospitality, regardless of location. Apply here.

What is expected of the LA Scholars?
The six LA Scholars are under the same obligations as any other student of MAD Academy. This includes full in-person attendance (Monday to Friday from 9 am5 pm in Copenhagen); evaluation of MAD Academy upon program’s end; and potential alumni engagements and media requests.

What is the difference between the LA Scholars Award and the MAD Academy Scholarship?
Both the MAD Academy Scholarship and the LA Scholars Award presented by Audi cover program tuition, course materials, and breakfast and lunch during program hours. In addition, the LA Scholars Award includes roundtrip economy-class flights to Copenhagen, six nights’ accommodation, and a per diem stipend for dinners.

I’m having trouble applying or have another question. Can I talk to someone?
Read our general FAQ and reach out to us at–we’ll be happy to help.


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