Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAD Academy?
MAD Academy (‘mad’ is Danish for ‘food’) is a Copenhagen-based educational institution that equips students from the hospitality community with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to effect positive change in their professional lives and in the world.

What is MAD?
Launched in 2019, the Academy is part of the MAD Foundation, which was founded in 2011 by René Redzepi, chef and owner of restaurant Noma in Copenhgaen. From its very beginnings, the MAD Foundation has led important conversations about how the restaurant community can contribute to the health of the planet and improve the lives of those working in food. In addition to the Academy, MAD’s programs include a biennial Symposium; a series of public talks in major cities around the globe; books, online videos, and other publications; and, through a division called VILD MAD, free resources for exploring nature through foraging. Check out MAD.

Who is it for?
Our programs and activities are open to anyone pursuing a career in hospitality.

When and where do MAD Academy programs take place?
MAD Academy takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark with programs and activities running periodically throughout the year.

Applications, Enrollment, and Scholarships

How and when do I apply?
Applications are always open and run on a rolling basis. There are two forms: one for regular enrollment and one for scholarship enrollment. In the application form, you’ll have the option to select the specific program and dates you wish to attend.

Applications typically open a few months before a program and close around 14 weeks before the start. Information about applications and the schedule list is always available here.

What is the difference between regular enrollment and scholarship?
There are two categories of applications: regular enrollment, for students who will pay the costs of their participation; and scholarship enrollment, for students who need the costs of the program covered for them.

Whether you enroll through your own money, are supported by an employer, or receive a scholarship, the knowledge and experience delivered by MAD Academy will be the same.

How much is regular enrollment?
Regular enrollment costs 37,500 DKK plus Danish VAT. This covers tuition fees, course materials, and all meals during school hours.

Unless stipulated by the specific scholarship, students are accountable for their own costs when it comes to travel, accommodation, and spending money in Copenhagen.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! You can read more about the different scholarships here and apply for a scholarship position by heading to applications and selecting the scholarship enrollment form.

What’s covered by a scholarship?
Different scholarships cover different things. All cover tuition fees, course materials, and all meals during school hours but not all scholarships cover transport to Copenhagen, accommodation costs, or spending money.

Why are there different scholarships? Which do I choose?
MAD Academy scholarships are supported by organizations and private individuals who wish to support the Academy’s ambition for change. Some are open to everyone, and some of them have specific requirements. Please read each description carefully to see if you qualify.

All scholarships require that you be pursuing a career in hospitality. Additional requirements apply to certain scholarships.

I am an individual or organization who would be interested in supporting scholarships, who can I speak to?
If you or your organization are interested in supporting a named scholarship, please contact us at

How do you select for scholarships?
We award scholarships based on applicants’ perceived financial need and their potential as future changemakers. In 2021 we awarded over 200 scholarships, and hope to increase that number in the future.

For example, if you are the executive head chef or front of house manager of a large chain hotel you are unlikely to receive a scholarship as your salary is presumably high enough for you to save for the needed money yourself (thereby confirming your commitment to change), or since your employer, who will benefit greatly from your continued education, should take part in this responsibility. On the other hand, if you are a junior employee working for a small independent business you are more likely to receive a scholarship by the same reasoning.

We trust you understand that applying for and accepting a scholarship when you don’t actually need it will deprive someone who would not be able to attend MAD Academy without that same support.

Information about Danish VAT?
As the course is held in Denmark, Danish VAT must be claimed for all participants. For participants from other EU-countries the VAT might be reimbursed through tax authorities in their own countries. For participants from outside the EU, Danish VAT can be reimbursed by the Danish Tax Authorities after course completion, if paying institution is VAT-registered in own country. Read more on the Danish Tax Authorities site.

If I’m not accepted, can I apply again?
Yes, absolutely! We highly encourage you to reapply.

What about food?
MAD Academy provides five delicious breakfasts and five equally delicious lunches, one for each day of the program. Dinner is not provided or included, instead we encourage participants to explore and support the local hospitality in Copenhagen.

What if I’m accepted, or pay to enroll, and can’t come?
In the unfortunate case that you are accepted and unable to join us, we only ask that you get in touch with us as soon as your plans change.

What happens if I miss the application deadline, is there a waitlist?
We don’t accept applications past the deadline for a specific program, but you have the opportunity to join a waitlist for that session. Waitlist candidates will be contacted if and only on the occasion that an open placement becomes available in that program and they have met the same qualifications for acceptance as our other students. We’ll remind you that formal applicants are given first consideration and priority, so we always encourage you to formally apply first, and join a waitlist as a backup. 


What programs does MAD Academy offer?
MAD Academy offers several programs geared towards rising leaders working in the hospitality industry on topics ranging from environmentally sustainable practices to approaches to effective leadership and management. Read more about each program.

Why are there several dates for each program?
Our programs and activities run periodically throughout the year. Each program is otherwise identical–same content, same tools, same place–sometimes with minor updates to follow the seasons.

Can I attend more than one program?
Yes, it is possible for you to apply and attend more than one of our programs. For example, if you wish to attend both Leadership & Business and Environment & Sustainability. We advise against attending programs back to back for two reasons: letting the learning sink in to you and your practice and as it’s important for us to provide programs to as many different individuals as possible.

Each program requires you to fill out its own application–you cannot apply to both with one application.

How many students are in a program?
There is a maximum of 30 seats in each MAD Academy program.

Who teaches at MAD Academy?
MAD Academy has a core of dedicated teaching staff, supplemented by visiting instructors, academics, artists and subject matter experts. There will be chefs and academics, but also scientists, coaches, executives, and leaders from other fields.

How long is a MAD Academy program?
Programs may vary in length. Our five-day intensive programs run Monday to Friday, from morning till evening. You must attend each day of your selected program.

How are you handling COVID-19 and the safety of students and staff?
MAD Academy adheres strictly to all the guidelines provided by the Danish government. In addition, Academy students are provided with further measures (such as personal thermometers for daily temperature checks  and text reminders) to ensure their health and safety, and that of all participants.


You didn’t answer my question!
If you have specific questions around MAD Academy, please reach out to us by email at



By supporting MAD, you empower a global hospitality community to bring new skills, perspective, and passion to their communities and the world. 



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