There are a number of options available to those who require financial support to fund a MAD Academy education.

Support from Employers

A MAD Academy education is transformative. Many of our alumni have become key leaders in their organizations since returning from the Academy–strengthening their business and further developing themselves and the industry as a whole.

From independent restaurants to large corporate canteens, organizations of all sizes are committing to train and educate staff. Before you enroll, find out if your company has a budget for employee development, education, or research, and if there are criteria you need to meet in order to get partially or fully reimbursed. When speaking with your manager or business partners about attending, don’t forget that your new skills will also help you lead others and support the goals of the business.

Whilst our industry is acting quickly to address its challenges and investing in training and development, we know MAD’s approach is quite unique and often needs an introduction, please get in touch so we can provide you with materials or to speak to our staff.

Community Sponsorship

Find out if organizations or individuals in your community provide grants for education and travel. This could be a tourism office, a local chamber of commerce, a Rotary Club, or a local Danish society.

Payment Plans

If cash-flow is a challenge or you’re worried about missing the application deadline as you save the last of your tuition, please do contact us to discuss options for paying in installments.

Multiple Enrollments

Discounted tuition is available for organizations wishing to enroll multiple staff simultaneously, or across a range of programs. Please contact us to discuss.


For more on financial support via funded scholarships, see here.

Receiving a scholarship to MAD Academy is a career- and life-changing experience and enables those who are a great fit for the program but lack the resources an opportunity to attend.

Scholarships differ, but most are awarded based on perceived financial need and an applicant’s demonstrated potential as a change maker in hospitality. We encourage those applying to MAD Academy to first seek financial support from their employers or another sponsor.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend a week here and learn from the leading people in the hospitality industry! I am just blown away.”

—Renato B., Leadership & Business '22